Learn More About The Beads

No energy, no stimulation, no spiritual healing powers... just beautiful bead bracelets. We believe in the power of words and the power of choice, not in anything a rock can do. We choose only the best materials to use in our bracelets, please enjoy learning more about them below.

About Jasper

We use Pink Zebra Jasper in our bracelets, it is a gemstone bead. Fun fact: in the ancient world, Jasper was a favourite gem. You will see it referenced in Ancient Hebrew, Assyrian, Greek and Latin.

About Howlite

Howlite gets its name from the man that discovered it, Henry How, in 1868. It is a proud Canadian moment as this mineral was discovered in Iona, Nova Scotia. It is a beautiful gemstone often used for small carvings or for jewelry.

About Lava Stone

Lava stone is formed from magma erupted from a volcano and as it cools it becomes a light porous rock. Did you know that volcanic rocks cover about 8% of the earth's current land surface.

About Hematite

This golden hematite is man-made and an option for those who are on a budget. Hematite's natural colours are black to silver-gray, brown to reddish-brown, or red colors.

About Gold-plated

This bead has a thin layer of real gold bonded onto hematite stone. It is identical to a gold-filled bead bracelet. Plated jewelry is meant to be permanent, however over time (especially daily wear) it can lose it's luster. We suggest you avoid all moisture (lotions, sprays, showering, pools) to maintain its original brightness.

About Gold-filled

As the name suggest, this is a 14k solid gold bead bracelet - no plating, no imitations. The easiest way to be able to distinguish gold-plated jewelry and solid gold jewelry is the price.