How To Take Care Of Your Bracelet

We love wearing these bracelets and we love wearing them every day. That being said, they will tarnish over time, the speed at which they do depends on the use and care. We’ve gone out of our way to find a way to slow down the oxidation process to keep your bracelet shining new. We do this by double coating each bracelet with a specialized wax, they use this wax to protect artifacts in museums! We recommend removing your bracelet during prolonged water exposure ie. taking a shower or going for a swim.

We suggest cleaning your pieces as soon as you see signs of tarnish. A jewelry polishing cloth works wonders. Or if you’re looking for a simple household solution, ketchup with a soft cloth will do – it may sound bizarre but works.

If notice your skin turning green your copper bracelet is tightly wrapped. This is normal and causes no harm. Cleaning your jewelry as mentioned above will help with this issue.


How To Take Care Of Your Necklace

We love wearing these necklaces and we love wearing them everyday. That being said, we advise you to remove them when sleeping, showering or exercising. Jewelry can likely take a dip in the pool, or even an occasional shower at the gym, but it's not a good idea to make it a habit. We want you to enjoy your necklace forever!

When you aren’t wearing you necklace keep it lying flat or hanging straight when they’re not being worn. This will prevent the chains from getting knotted and from any unnecessary dirt settling into the chain. Also, keep your chains clasped to keep them from getting tangled.