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Will you join us on our journey to change the world, one word at a time?

Judda was conceived out of the desire to see more positivity and more encouragement in the world. Life is hard and the words we speak over ourselves can be harsher. There is never a denial of the lemons that life freely gives us however there is always an opportunity to see good in any situation and to make the best out of it. We need a shift, a perspective change. Statistics have shown that one in five Canadians will have a mental health issue at some point and the road to recovery involves changing the way one thinks, acts and feels about themself and the possibilities for their life (CMHA Toronto). At Judda, we truly believe simple things can have a big impact. This is why we exist. Through our handcrafted bracelets we hope to spark a new perspective, one of encouragement and strength. One that can change a day and inspire a lifelong journey of a healthy thinking and living. This change will be radiant and infectious, it will shake the world. When we change the words we speak, we change our life. This is more than a bracelet; this is a movement.

A word from the founder. “This has been my journey and optimism has been my life-line. I want to share with others that when we change our inner speech, we can drastically change our life.” Judda is not just a nice sentiment, it is the expression of hope. Learn more about the founder here

How we came up with the name Judda. It started with a dream, literally. Before Judda existed our website was a blog called Elijah Shiloh. Then the dream came. It came around the same time we were about to launch our jewelry business. In this dream there was a shop and in its lobby was an elegant marble table with dark chocolate on top. This dark chocolate was wrapped in colourful packaging, written on it in gold letters was the name Judda. It stuck and and that's how we came up with the name Judda.

Learn the process behind the beauty. This is the answer to all your bracelet questions, click here to learn more.


Where to find our bracelets

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The Nooks (Port Hope) 68 Walton St, Port Hope, ON L1A 1N1