Kerenzah's Moment

August 10 2020

Woman wearing by flowers wwaring Judda bracelet

Woman wearing by flowers wwaring Judda bracelet

We’re feeling grateful here at Judda and we’re very happy to introduce our next guest, Kerenzah. Kerenzah and I met over a year ago and I can confidently say that I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who has as many ideas as she does. It’s fascinating. Like always, she is here to share her story. Here is her moment.

 Hand holding bracelet card saying "limitless prosperity"

I’ve been wanting to purchase a bracelet for a while, but I could never decide what word meant the most to me. There are a lot of words that I’ve been drawn to throughout my life but when I think about who I am now, my life mission and what my businesses stand for the first thing that comes to mind is “Limitless Prosperity”.

I first met Kathleen in semester 2 of year 1 in college but we didn’t get close until year 2. In conversing, I would always use the word “prosperity” to describe different things. One day I decided to really analyze what that word meant to me and why I was so drawn to it. I had a pretty unstable life growing up. We moved a lot and sometimes couldn’t afford things. When I got to the age where I was able to start making my own decisions for my life I knew that I wanted to live a certain lifestyle. A lifestyle that included financial freedom, happiness, and health. All of those things combined make you prosperous in my opinion.

Additionally, I want to inspire others who may have also struggled in life to aspire to have limitless prosperity and that your current circumstances don’t have to be your future as well. Every time I look at my wrist I am reminded of my goal to have “Limitless Prosperity” and to keep pushing through all the roadblocks.

I appreciate Kathleen for creating something that allows me to remain focused on my goals.

 - Kerenzah W.

Kerenzah, your heart to help those who are currently struggling with the same things you went through is inspiring. Prosperity is more than money. Limitless prosperity is a strong combination!

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