Introducing the Owner

January 16 2020

Introducing the Owner

Introducing the Owner

Our “Your Moment” blog series is finally here!

It will be filled with real people with real stories. As the owner of Judda I have the opportunity to meet many individuals and create meaningful pieces for them. That being said, I don’t always get to know the meaning or the story behind each piece. This blog series will give the opportunity to share their story, it’s your moment.

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To begin, I’d like to share my story. I’m Kathleen and I’m the owner of Judda. I’ll start by sharing a bit about why I founded Judda and how I got here. Then, I’ll dive into some real-life stories of my own. Or, I’ll just start writing and it’ll turn out to be a mash-up of things.

I founded Judda because I wanted to learn how to run a business, the idea for jewellery came after. I’ve always desired to help others and start my own business. I’ve asked myself many times, how can I be the most effective? My heart longs to be that person assisting in disaster relief operations, but I decided that the business route is the answer. Through business, I believe more lives can be impacted than if I, as an individual, were to go overseas.

So, why jewellery and why are all the words so positive? It’s because everywhere you turn you hear negativity; our society is hungry for life-giving words. I really believe one word of encouragement can change a day, perspective and a life! I may be an optimist now, but I was a professional pessimist. I may say that jokingly, but I struggled most of my life with depression and anxiety. I had hoped that one day I would get out of it but never believed I could. Now I know that with an immense amount of hard work and willpower, it is possible.

Words have great power. Some of the most powerful methods that helped me heal was speaking life-giving words over myself, having a positive inner conversation and practicing self-control. Phrases like: “I have purpose, I am good at…, I am happy, I am loved,” are examples of things I would repeat. This is why I am so passionate about speaking positive and affirming words. A positive mindset became my lifeline, amongst many other things like exercise, faith, and a tight-knit community.

Judda represents a new beginning and a bold stance. There is freedom to own your past, love your present and look forward to the future. I would love to grow with you to build a community that can share their victories and struggles and conquer life together. We need each other! 

Another aspect of this blog series is to share the word you chose and tell us why that word or phrase is significant. I know I’m not the only one who found it difficult to choose the perfect word. My word that I chose for this year is “Daughter”. I LOVE wearing my bracelet everyday. I am comforted by it. It reminds me that I am not alone and that I am loved and taken care of. It also reminds me to value close relationships and to live without anxiety. I’d love to hear from you on what word empowers you! Comment below and share your word with us.

There is much more to share with you all, I could write for days but I’ll spare you. I hope you’ve come to know more about Judda and myself. If you’d like to know more don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m just a message away.


If you would like to participate in the Your Moment blog series, please email with the subject: “Your Moment Blog” and we will contact you with more information.


  • Judda: January 27, 2020

    Thank you Katherine! You are such an awesome woman!

  • Katherine : January 23, 2020

    You’re truly an inspiration. This first blog post is not only refreshing but very honest in today’s society. I absolutely love that you’ve made your brand a meaningful one with purpose. People need more of this in their lives. Keep up the amazing work!

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