Katherine's Moment

July 14 2020

Katherine's Moment

Katherine's Moment

The sun is shining and the smiles are out. Our next guest knows how to bring the beach vibes wherever she goes, even in Canada. We would like to introduce Katherine Polack. Katherine and I met a year ago and she is one of the most talented artists that I’ve met, not only that she has a warmth within her that makes her a friend to many. Here is her moment.

brass bracelet with the background as Katherine's painting

"Keep Swimming ;"

The thought that went behind the customization of this bracelet surprised me beyond belief. When I expressed interest to Judda of a customized bracelet, I thought I would take a few days to come up with "the perfect phrase". Eight months later, I found myself amazed that I had treated the meaning behind this bracelet as something as permanent as a tattoo. At that moment, I realized the meaning behind the bracelet was much more than I had imagined. It is a daily reminder to yourself to live your best life, to keep moving forward, and to never give up.

Eight months later, I had landed on "the perfect phrase". Skeptical about receiving comments connecting my finally chosen phrase of "Keep Swimming ;" to the famous phrase by Dory in Finding Nemo of "Just keep swimming", I decided to sleep on it. I finally realized I could not give up that phrase as it held significant meaning to me. Keep swimming was a play on the more common phrases regarding perseverance. The ocean setting was chosen as my passion is the sea and my goals are focused around sharing the serenity of my ocean inspired art with the world. As opposed to a long journey on flat terrain, the ocean and the idea of continuing to swim, felt more realistic as some days in life and in my business will have continuous waves crashing down with stormy seas while others will be more tranquil with the occasional small waves. 

The semi colon ";" found at the end of my chosen phrase, is to symbolize that there is always a new chapter in life. A semi colon, unlike a period, represents the continuation of a thought and in this case, the continuation of a journey.

Like the final hours of many of my paintings, there is a gorgeous tropical beach that reveals itself if you persevere with your journey at sea.

Keep Swimming ;

- Katherine Polack Seascape Artist

Katherine, your story is so unique and you make me see the ocean with a new perspective! Thank you for sharing with us!


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  • Judda: September 24, 2020

    Thank you, Katherine! Keep on going, you’re a star!

  • Katherine : August 11, 2020

    Thank you for your kind words. It’s an honour to be represented on your website but more of an honour to have met you and call you my friend.

    What your brand stands for is incredible and an inspiration to everyone.

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