Connecting Through Chaos

September 21 2020

Connecting Through Chaos

Connecting Through Chaos

Now and always, we have the ability to thrive through our relationships with others. Regardless whether we see ourselves as introverts, extroverts, homebodies, social butterflies, or lone wolves. Human connection and sharing our happiness with others is a universal driving force of life. In times of crisis it can be difficult, on more levels than one, but this is the call to connect with those around us. Even with regulations inhibiting us from gathering there are still instances that we can grasp small moments of connection.

When life challenges us. When the world is heavy upon our shoulders. It can feel as though we are all alone – like loneliness has cloaked us in an overbearing robe. It is easy to feel isolated, cut off from human connections. The world can sometimes feel as though it is trying to tear us apart and break us down. Each day we wake up to deal with extreme emotions and situations, and instantly we are drained and emptied of our capacity to foster any type of relationship. BUT it is in these moments, when we feel emptied, where we must dig deep and harness our inner strength.

We are stronger than we know. Even when it feels as though we are at our end. In the midst of chaos and crisis, there is a deeper place within ourselves where positivity lives. We always have more to give. We always have something good to offer. We can replenish and reset by digging deep and finding that “little bit” that ends up being just enough to share a moment of care for others. We can always harness the strength to give. Even in a state of despair or hopelessness, there is hope within our connections to those around us.

A small act of kindness can mean the world, it doesn’t take much to change a day! A out-of-the-blue phone call or a quick text saying you’re thinking of them often does the trick. The knowledge that we are not alone in this feeling or in this world can make all the difference – especially now. A simple thing, in difficult times, can make a huge impact and allow for meaningful connection. When the world weighs heavy, dig into that deep capacity to give, love, and share with those around you.


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