Astra's Moment

February 18 2020

Astra's Moment

Astra's Moment

If you haven’t read our first blog post, click here and head on over to read it. Otherwise, lets dive in. We would like to introduce you to Astra. She is such a beautiful woman who has a strength and resilience within her that you want everything good to come her way! Here is her moment.

Copper Bracelet stating "My Heartbeat"

 The words I wanted on my bracelet took a lot of thought to choose. I wanted an everyday, simple reminder of an overview of my life thus far. I chose the words, "my heartbeat!"

Before today, I have not shared the real reason behind those words with anyone not even family or close friends, that is how personal these words are to me. "My heartbeat" is a reminder and encouragement to myself not to give up! There were many moments in my life where I wanted to give up completely and almost did but every day I woke up, my heart beating, meant I was given another opportunity to turn things around. The Reason living in my heart and causing my heart to beat gave me the strength I've always needed to face and overcome.

Each time I put on the bracelet and read those words a flood of emotions comes. The heaviest emotion of them all, is gratitude. I am grateful that I am given another day to finish the things I have started, accomplish the dreams meant for me and to live and love selflessly in order to help others win their races.

Thank you Judda for helping me remember the importance of my heartbeat.

- Astra R.

Thank you, Astra for being an inspiration for all the young women around you! If Astra's moment encouraged you, let her know by commenting below!


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