Alexandra's Moment

March 19 2020

Alexandra's Moment

Alexandra's Moment

We hope you all are okay and staying safe! Who knew our world would turn upside down within a matter of days. During this pandemic, it is important to take one day at a time and give yourself space. Whether you need it physically or emotionally, we are all in need of some extra space. Stay motivated and triumph fear with love!

Let's get started with this month's blog.

This month we would like to introduce you all to Alexandra. She is a role model to many and a breath of fresh air to everyone around her. There is never a dull moment when she is around! Here is her moment.

 "I love the fact that I am able to support a local young entrepreneur. I love the creativity and flexibility that Judda provides where I can customize my bracelet and engrave a word that means a lot to me. I find that it can also be a thoughtful gift to give to someone.  

My bracelet has the word Victory engraved on a beautiful copper bracelet. Judda created this bracelet very quickly and I was able to wear it right away. Every time I wear my bracelet and see the word victory, it inspires me - to walk the path of victory and to press in. When I am going through a season of victory and see this word on the bracelet, I become thankful and grateful. And when I am going through a trying season where victory seems to be far, looking at the word on the bracelet reminds me to keep going and that victory lies ahead. Good times are on the way! The struggles that I experience are going to help me develop strength for the victory.

Also, I heard that copper has good health benefits, that is another bonus. Thank you Judda! I know the heart of the owner is to help others and that is just amazing!"

- Alexandra T.

Thank you, Alexandra, for all your encouragement and kind words! If Alexandra’s moment encouraged you, let her know by commenting below!


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