Psalm 139

I'm excited about this new series. I'll be taking a chapter from the Bible and writing it in my own words. It's a great way to mediate on the Word and gain greater insight into its significance. This is not meant to become a biblical guide for you but a tool to provoke you to discover the Word and see it from a different perspective. 

We'll start with Psalm 139. A beautiful reminder of who we are, we are His!



Psalm 139
(by David for Worship Leader)
O Lord, you have looked into the depths of me and known everything about me!

You know when I sit and when I stand. When I rest and when I work. Your eye is ever on me, your gaze always upon me. You discern my thoughts from afar. You analyze and understand me when I am far away. You have calculated my every step.

You watch me. You discovered my ways. Where I go, what I do, when I lay my head to rest. I am predictable and you know what will happen next. You are acquainted with me. You are acquainted with everything I do, even my thoughts.

Before I speak, before a sound is formed, you know what I will say. O how you have searched me and known me.

You surround me. You are ever before me and behind me. Even so your hand is upon me. Your hand is a comfort and a reminder that you are right there beside me, leading me and protecting me. You know my future and you’ve got my back. Your touch leads me to know that your Spirit dwells within me.

Just to think about this is too much for me. How can I bear knowing that your love surrounds me? Encompassing me? That you fully know me? You know me more than I know myself! It is far too wonderful to fully understand. I am here. It is above me. It is high, it is out of my reach.

Where can I go to escape you? Where would I go to flee your presence?

If I go to outer space, the highest I could ever go, you are there! If I go to the deepest depths of the earth, even to the center where it is hot, you are there!

If I awake with the birds and go to the center of the sea to live, alone and in complete isolation because of my despair and self-hatred

even there you are my provider and shepherd, you will hold me like a father.

If I let my thoughts overwhelm me and bring me to the darkest point of life; to a pit, an open and living grave. These thoughts that bring me to say, “Everything is dark around me, it covers me like a blanket. Even this summer day is as a funeral to me.”

But to you my blanket of darkness is not dark to you, you still see me. This funeral is like the noon sun on a clear day. For all darkness is light to you, nothing is too dark for your eyes. You truly see everything, nothing is hidden from you.

My inner being was formed by your hands: my personality, my characteristics, my soul, my body. It was you who made me in my mother’s womb.

And so, I will rejoice and praise you for your mighty works. For I will declare, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made”. I will shout on the rooftops that I was made unique. I’m struck with awe at the masterpiece you created. I’m beginning to know your ways even my inner man agrees that it was always you, your handiwork.

When my mother couldn’t see me, you saw me. I was not hidden from you. I was not just a form in my mother’s womb, I was who I am now before you. You saw it all. You kept me a secret until you knitted me in the womb.

As you know me today, you knew me then even before I was formed, even before I was a possibility. Before the possibility you wrote a book about my life. I was already planned before I was thought of. My days were already formed and named before I was conceived. I was not but I was. The beauty is, is that I was born in your heart first.

How precious to me are your thoughts, they are countless and eternal. O God, I desire to search and know you.

If I could number your thoughts, they would be more than all the sand in the earth. I would be lost. And yet I awake, and I am still with you. You’ve kept your breath of life in me and I rise to be surrounded by your presence. You wash me with mercies every morning, refreshing me with the winds of love.

But God would you slay the wicked thoughts that rise up against me. You ugly, ungodly thought pattern get away from me!

These thoughts say violent words against you, intending for evil. To discourage me and wear me out. They try to make me believe that it is you speaking to me, to confuse me. But I know your character, you are not like this.

Oh Lord, do I not hate these thoughts as you hate them? I have not said yes to any of them, I despise them because they come to exalt a harlot, a lie.

I count all these arguments and lofty opinions which try to exult themselves against the knowledge of you as my enemy. I hate them with complete hatred. I turn my mind off from them.

Search my heart God and know this to be true! I open the doors and windows of my soul and heart so that you can test my sincerity and know every thought.

​You are free to look. Take a look and see for yourself if there is any compromising way in me. If you have searched and seen, lead me still. Lead me into eternity with you. Lead me into eternity as you have lead my ancestors.


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