Do We Have Purpose?

​What we’ve been taught and what we’ve believed is skewed, it is so different from the truth. And only the Holy Spirit can bring us back, reign us in, and deliver us from believing and living a counterfeit life. In the religious world there are harsh requirements, guidelines, and tests to be declared a true Christian. My question is why do we put the word “true” in front of Christian anyways? It is not up to man or yourself to judge. There is no formula and there is no ranking. You were called to love God and love people – the rest is up to Him. 

The church is filled with genuine people pursuing Christ with a genuine, God given calling. They have been chosen for great and awesome things. But they live each day unfulfilled, unsatisfied with where God has placed them. Could it be because the Church has defined “true Christianity” as a formula or ranking system?

We say if you’re not willing to forsake everything for your faith you’re not a true Christian – look at the 11 disciples who were in Jesus’ inner circle they fled at the thought of imprisonment even after confessing they would die for him. We say, “don’t throw pearls to pigs” when we won’t even listen to the Spirit and quench Him. We say, “He’s a Christian?! He doesn’t look like one!”. Jesus didn’t look like the Messiah to countless people and many have stumbled for this reason. It’s wrong what we do to each other. It’s not a ranking system where we can make an algorithm to see who’s in and who’s out. It’s an adventure, some are just beginning, and others have been on the roller-coaster awhile; we ride it together and make sure no one abandon’s ship.
This mindset has taken, has stolen, and has slain many people’s callings and granted them a substitute life as a trade-off. Plan B rather than their first choice. It may seem unfair, but I’d call it a choice. God is not raising up rebels to curse the Church, He is raising up sons and daughters to build up the Church. The Church has a significant role in society. We are ambassadors for Christ. We are the salt that gives flavour. We are the light that reveals truth. We are not of this world, we are in it for a purpose and it is about time we do it. What am I saying?
I’m saying its time to come out of hiding and proclaim your right to His original plan. I’m calling you out! I’m telling you that it’s time for your purpose to be lived out. It’s a perfect time to start. Today. Now. If it’s in your heart, it’s there for a reason. Don’t listen to the “cant’s” yet declare the “I will’s”. When does it come to the point where you’ve heard enough confirmations that you’ll finally move. Honour God, tell Him you’re scared, trust Him, be brave and walk it out.
The sons and daughters must be everywhere. That means you can be called and chosen to be a plumber, dishwasher, lawyer, student, nanny, scientist, HR recruiter, the list goes on. It’s a tough job, not many people can do it, but you were called, and you fit just right. Don’t be deceived when you do not see change, the kingdom of heaven is at hand. You carry His Presence and no matter how that manifests itself it is on you and around you - people notice it. As a side-note: sometimes when His Presence is around those who are not following Him negative things are manifested, don’t confuse that with “bad luck” or your fault. Do not be weary of doing good; love and be kind in all your ways.  
It is time to move. A small beginning is a great beginning – rejoice in it! Do not despise it. You hurt Him when you think it’s not good enough, He made it good. If you’ve given your life to Jesus that means you are not your own. God gets the credit and God gets the blame. Do everything unto Him and be satisfied with where you are. It is easy to over spiritualize things and label an action more spiritual than another however if we do something unto God then it becomes spiritual and pleasing to Him. Bring Him into your everyday, I think He prefers it over time-slots in a schedule. Give yourself grace. Allow yourself to rest. Run the good race. It delights His heart.

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